Facebook Archive - September 2014

Sept 2 - Ian said he wanted to go home this morning as we drove to preschool. Rich asked him if he was worried about school and he said yeah. When Rich asked what he was worried about Ian just said, '... stuff ...' 

But he then said he was worried about homework. We reminded him he doesn't have any homework yet! He also was worried because he can't read. We reminded him he's not supposed to be able to yet. He then wanted Rich to quiz him on numbers until we got to the school so we would feel ready. 

Thankfully, once he saw his familiar space and teachers he just waved and took off. He will do great, despite being illiterate.

Sept 7 - Ian (from the bathroom across the house): 'Mommy?'
Me: 'Yes?'
Ian: 'If I get poop on my hands, will you come help me?'
Me: 'Always.'

A few minutes later ...

Ian: 'Mommy! I need you!'
Me (at the doorway of bathroom now): 'What's the matter?'
Ian: 'I will try wiping myself, but can you come in here because it's kind of lonely.'

This status update written from the edge of the tub.

Sept 7 - Tonight's bedtime 'story out of my mouth' was about Penny the pig who was a trapeze artist in the circus and became jealous of the new pig Luthor who could ride a stunt motorcycle. Who needs books when we make up stuff like that?

Sept 8 - Ian was super concerned about the elevator in the parking garage but when we got to the revolving door he exclaimed, 'OH MY GOSH, MOMMY, THIS DOOR IS AWESOME!'
It was the best of times. It was the worst of times.

Sept 12 - Ian: 'Ok, Mommy, I'm not talking about if I accidentally drop it, but what if a preying mantis jumped on my iPad and used his super sharp claw arms and snapped it in half, *then* would you get me a new iPad?'
I guess we should be saving for law school.

Sept 30 - 'See my squirrel? And if you hook your finger under his tail, he's a squirrel gun!'