Facebook Archive - November 2013

Nov 2, 2013 - Rich taught Ian that the trees turn orange for his birthday and I kind of don't want him to ever stop believing that. Nov 10, 2013 - Sunday morning at Panera and the young ladies at the table next to us are reading scripture to each other. Ian turns to me and at maximum volume asks, "Hey, Mommy, why did you say 'God dammit!' the other day?"

Nov 18, 2013 - Ian, singing his heart out: "Come on ring those bells! Light the Christmas tree. Jesus is the King. Born for you and me! Hey ... is *Jesus* the King?" I didn't bring up Ragnarr Blackhammer or William Thomas, though I'm sure they have their own songs.

Nov 19, 2013 - Ian: "Hey, Daddy! Motorcycles sound a little like they're farting."

Nov 26, 2013 - My 4yo doesn't sleep through the night. At 3am he stands next to the bed and drunk whispers, "HEY MOMMY. I PEED SO I CAN COME SNUGGLE WITH YOU."

Nov 29, 2013 - Ian declared that I'm the "fluffiest mommy ever" with "snugly nipples". Get this boy a job at Hallmark.