Facebook Archive - January 2014

Jan 11, 2014 - We're trying to convince Ian that the CD eject button is there to launch sassy children out of the minivan through the roof. "And we didn't get the model with a sun roof so you'd better cover your head." Jan 15 , 2014 - [in the car listening to music] Ian: "Daddy, are there any good doctors?" [many back and forth questions] Rich: "Oh! No, I think all the doctors on my phone for music are evil or horrible."

Jan 16, 2014 - I'm heading out to the pharmacy at 4am for more children's Advil and a feverish Ian calls out to me, "Bye, Mommy. I love you! Have a good time!" They're so sweet when they're sick.

Jan 18, 2014 - Ian at 7am: "Mommy, what are chemicals?" This should be a brain teaser book of word play. Yesterday he asked what motivation is.

Jan 22, 2014 - We just bought a "fart blaster" gun at Target. Ian then held the trigger down the entire time from the toy aisle, through groceries and check out, in the parking lot until we got to the van. I also wet my pants from laughing so hard but it's like that "ever gonna see a rainbow, stand a little rain" analogy.