Playing doctor

Tuesday we went for Ian's three year check up. I suppose it's no longer a well baby visit but more of a "well, kid" visit. Ian was confused by the early pick up from school. When we said we were going to the doctor and he had to get in his seat, he was all "No! I want to go with you!" It took me a minute to figure out what he was talking about but then I realized he thought we were going to Daddy's doctor appointment for his belly and not his. "No, dude, this is your appointment. So we're all going." Oh. I wondered if Ian would ever have interest in trucks but in the last few weeks he's rallied. As we waited in the lobby, he took a dump truck and systematically moved every toy in it from one side of the room to the other. He clearly had things going on.

We waited for the doctor and the nurse told us to strip him down to his undies. Ian was more than happy to oblige that as he's all about naked time. Except he kept asking why he had to keep his undies on. We told him he could ask the doctor when she got there, and he would walk around holding the waistband and ask us with one eyebrow raised, "now can I take my undies off?" I swear, I can't make this stuff up.

He is 41.75" tall and 42 pounds. So he's huge but the same factor of huge he's been his whole life which is normal. He kept wanting to hide in anticipation of the doctor coming. He's really been into that "hurry before X happens!" thing whether it's getting to the car before Daddy locks the front door on the house or hiding under the blanket before the doctor opens the door. It's exciting being three.

So we did a lot of hiding and waiting and when the med student came, we did lots of tests to check his balance and look in his ears and eyes. Everything is super normal and he's perfect in every way (ok, they didn't say it quite like that, but they don't want to make other patients jealous).

It was, dare I say, a fun visit. I ignored most of what the pediatrician handout says about time outs and discipline and foods. I don't fault the doctor's office for giving standard info, I just don't need it. I'm gonna let my kid eat butter and I'm going to talk to him when he's upset and I can't make him sit somewhere by himself and cry.

He can play hide and seek in his Batman undies all he wants.

Hide and seek at the doctor's office