Our chatty bedtime routine

This is what it's like when we go to bed. This entire conversation happened in the pitch black of the bedroom in our bed. Some notes for those following along at home. He has a video from Aunt Trish that has holiday/snow themed Thomas the Tank Engine shorts on it and in one of them Oliver the train runs into a giant snow man. Ian is very worried about the fate of that snowman. He asks frequently what happened to the snowman. He watches the video a lot on his little portable DVD player while playing trains in the choo choo room.

Messy Birds = Angry Birds (because when they hit the towers they make a big mess)

We also were playing on my giant yoga/exercise ball this evening and Ian rolled off of it onto the floor with his face.

There have been several playground visits recently, both at Chick-fil-a and at MacArthur Center, and at one point or another it can be overwhelming for him because of either the volume or the number of kids.

Ian Bedtime Chatting (6:40)