Potty like Travis

At the exact moment I was taking this picture, Ian was peeing on the floor next to his train table. I thought he looked awfully intent on the trains.

At first we were hanging out in the garage with Daddy and Travis. Travis and Ian were throwing the ball around but Travis said he needed to go use the restroom. When Ian asked where Travis went, I told him he had to go potty so he went inside since he's a big boy.

About 15 minutes later after Travis had returned and we had all moved on to other things, Ian declared he needed to go inside to go potty. But Mommy didn't need to go, he would be right back. He was just going to go inside to potty like Travis had.

I watched him run to the back door, let himself in, successfully close the storm door (which is no small feat) and remind me "I be right back!" as he turned around. I slowly followed behind and peeked inside to hear him in the choo choo room talking to his trains. But as I came around the corner, he burst through the door and said, "Mommy! I need to potty!"

He pulled his pants down on his own, asked for help with his diaper and sat on his Lightning McQueen potty. I went to put his diaper away and heard the bathroom door shut since apparently Ian needed some privacy.

A minute later he yelled out, "Mommy! I all done! My pants are wet!"

I walked in and he had peed in the potty ... and the floor and all over his pants. Apparently in mid-pee was when he decided he needed privacy. He walked around for a bit with no pants on and said he was going to poop. I was dubious but when I was distracted taking photos of him concentrating on trains, he stood up and said, "Mommy! There's pee everywhere over here!"

And there was! So apparently all our son needed to be inspired to potty like a big kid was Travis. Now to get him to understand how to stay on the potty until he's really done peeing.

But we're getting there. Travis now needs to come over every evening to continue potty training our child.