Mamaw's tree

I keep calling her Grandma, but Ian calls my mother Mamaw. And while I call my father Granddaddy in written form, Ian has decided that his name is Pop. So on Sunday we were at Home Depot and they had a ton of Christmas trees all lit up for sale. When I saw one that said specifically it was a "porch tree" I said it would be nice for Mamaw to have and Ian immediately started calling it Mamaw's tree. At 20% off, we of course had to get it.

So this evening we delivered Mamaw's tree to her and it's now on her porch. I worried that Pop would think of it as just more clutter but he quickly found an extension cord so we could light it up. Ian declared it PRETTY!

We look forward to visiting Mamaw's tree over the next few weeks (and possibly into the spring) and maybe Ian can help her decorate it.