Sleep schedules

The three of us woke up at 10am today. As in an hour after 9am and a full three hours after when we normally get up on "school days". Ian had gone to bed the night before at 11pm so it kind of makes sense that he slept 11 hours. And Rich and I didn't go to bed until almost 2 so we got a healthy 8 hours of sleep. But yeah, we're all supposed to be somewhere Monday morning at 8am. I wondered if we should try skipping Ian's nap today so that he would try to go to sleep earlier. But as Rich said, we would either have a cranky boy Monday morning or a cranky boy Sunday afternoon.

Magically, though, Ian and I decided to mow the lawn this afternoon and he fell asleep in the backpack on me as we rode around the yard for 45 minutes. That Briggs and Stratton induced nap was just the perfect amount to get him through the rest of the day but not have him up all night.

We had bubbles at 7:30, Mama Milk at 8 and he was asleep by 8:30. There was a brief bit of crying when the phone rang but he's back down for the count and I'm hoping Monday morning goes well for us all.