Walking and talking

I landed at exactly 6:15 tonight. When I turned the corner of the concourse, there were my two favorite guys grinning and waiting for me! Ian ran up and immediately said "I want mama milk!" but he managed to wait til we got to the car. While Daddy picked up our dinner I explained that if we get take-out from Chick-fil-a the big cow doesn't come to our house.

Ian didn't want to go inside when we got home but wanted to go for a walk. I figured we'd wander around the front yard a bit. Then he wanted me to carry him so we started walking down the street. I figured Daddy would pass us and pick us up. But at the end of the street Ian wanted to keep going. So I ended up carrying my 32lb son around the block at 7pm, hoping we made it back before Daddy wondered where the heck we were.

We made it home just in time but man I'm tired now. Ian kept saying "Ian and Mommy are talking!" as we chatted around the block and it was worth the sore arms to catch up with him.