Fighting sleep

Ian is still on sort of a messed up schedule. From about 5am on he kept yelling things in his sleep about "No! My turn!" or "I want Thomas!" But he didn't actually get out of bed until close to 9 and by then he was in a great mood. We went to Hardee's for what seems like the first time in forever and he got to see all his buddies there in the old folks section. But mostly he just played with Grandma and Granddaddy for a bit this afternoon while we pressure washed the house.

I was sad to leave him today for my trip, but at least I can explain that Mommy is going on a trip on an airplane and that I'll be home in a couple of days.

Unfortunately, he did't nap until 3:30 and didn't even make it until 5:15 before he was back up. And then after all that he didn't go to bed until 10 after an hour of Daddy convincing him to give up and sleep. I'm hoping that this is all just because of his cold but it would be nice to not have him fight us to go to sleep while simultaneously rubbing his eyes in fatigue.