Dis and Dat

Baby blankets
I just did an entire load of nothing but baby blankets. In particular, they are the Aden and Anais cotton muslin baby blankets. We have a TON of these blankets.

It started out as an innocent four pack. I thought they would be nice and soft and I liked that they were thin muslin. Then while browsing on Amazon I saw another set in different colors. And another. And ooh, these would be cute.

Ironically, the last set I bought, all giant stars the size of your palm on each of them I was most hesitant about because the large sections of dyed fabric made them stiff, but they are Ian's absolute favorite. He asks for star blanket by name.

When he was in the toddler room he started calling things "dis". Everything was "dis" and nothing was "dat". Over a few months everything eventually got its own word, but his blankets remained "dis". As we get in the minivan and he asks for Mama nilk, he immediately asks for "dis" as well. "No, dat dis!" he says, pointing vehemently at one of the three blankets I have squirreled away in the seat.

I'm grateful that if he has a favorite "lovey" it's something we have a crate load of on hand. And while many other things we'll be passing on to friends or giving to the thrift stores, this giant pile of muslin will be around forever.