Growth spurt

I think someone is having a growth spurt. Ian has eaten twice what he usually does today and is actively asking for food (usually he has to be starving to request food versus just being busy). The other half of that is that we both napped from 12:30 to almost 4pm today! I was just going to lie down with him for a bit and then get up to do things but that didn't happen. Perhaps I'm having a growth spurt too. Ian's new favorite food is apples. I bought a 12 pack of the fuji apples from Costco and he's eaten almost half an apple each day. Perhaps it will keep the doctor away. He's coughing again, but his nose is running too so I'm chalking it up to a basic cold and we'll not take him to to doc unless his cough gets much worse.

The ladies at day care mention things like that a lot (runny nose, coughing) and I think they expect us to take him to the doctor, but I can't imagine it would really help. Then again, he had pneumonia a few weeks ago. So if his cough stays around much longer we'll see what we'll do but I'd like nature to take its course if we can. But at least I've logged when his coughing started so we don't have to wonder if he's had this cough since August and we just didn't remember.