This is the way ...

The other day Ian was not interested in getting in the car seat for school, so I started singing a song about it. It worked miracles and our morning commute became much more tolerable. But he was so happy with our new song, I have to sing it every morning. By the time I get to the office I'm hoarse! Basically I run through a lot of the stuff he doesn't like doing in the morning (waking up, getting a new diaper, putting on shoes, eating something, combing his hair, packing his lunch, buckling up, driving to school, waiting our turn at stop lights, etc.) His favorite part is when we say, "This is the way we drive our car, drive our car, drive our car ..." with appropriate arm motions. He gets this HUGE grin in the back seat and says "More drive again?" after each verse (see earlier comment about getting to work hoarse).

This morning traffic was a bit more thick, so I was trying to keep one arm on the steering wheel, figuring he could only see one hand anyways. But the little stinker peered around the seat and said, "No mama! Two hands!"

So I'm the mom driving to work with my knees so we can fully explore the space of pantomiming "DRIVE OUR CAR, DRIVE OUR CAR, DRIVE OUR CAR" with a little boy in the back seat, grinning like a fool. I'll take that over the whining, though, any day.