Busy day

Today we went to a birthday party. I'm not sure why people do crazy things like this but it was scheduled from 12-3 and everyone in this age bracket naps for 2 hours somewhere in that range. So we all just pulled up our boots and waded through it. Ian napped for 20 minutes on the way to the party. He rallied to wake up and had a grand time. They had a BOUNCE HOUSE (!) and while he was wary at first, by the time we left he was climbing and sliding and bouncing like a pro without me even in there or around.

Party time!

We rushed home to try to squeeze in a nap, but he was having none of it. So he napped for 10 minutes on the way home and then was up with Daddy all afternoon. We went over to Tom and Angela's for dinner at 6 and we just got home. He fell asleep in the car at 10:30. At several points this evening Daddy said, "I'm not sure how you're still conscious."

Here's hoping he sleeps well tonight. It was definitely a packed day, but he had a blast.