Birth class reunion

This afternoon we had several folks over from our birth class for a reunion. We've done this a few times a year since all our kids were born and it's been great. I love to compare notes with other parents who have kids about the same age. We're all close enough that our children have similar interests but we can all learn a bit about what is in store for us in the weeks to come as some kids have done things others haven't. The weather held out and we had just enough food and there were minimal injuries. All in a all a great day.

As I told Rich, if it were any other party and no one had shown up by 45 minutes past the start time I would be worried. But with this gang, we all have oddly napping kids or meltdowns to tend to and we all understand. It's really freeing.

Ian trying to sword fight with Jude

I look forward to doing it again once the pool is warmer so we can all try to keep them all from drowning.