Nuh! Dis!

It's fascinating what new words Ian learns each day. But it's also interesting to see what words he just flat out doesn't say. He knows what a blanket is. We ask if he wants his blanket and he nods his head. But in his world blanket = dis. Long (weeks) ago he came home from school calling everything "dis" because one of the other kids said dis instead of dat. But the blanket is the only thing that stuck. He also calls mama's milk "nuh". It used to be "nuh-nuh" which could be something close to nursing. But I never ask him if he wants to nurse. I always ask him if he wants milk and make the sign for it. And he replies "NUH!" and makes the sign back at me.

So most evenings we gather in the recliner or the bed for some nuh! and dis! before bed.