Tough love and the toddler's plate

We learned this morning that Ian apparently knows how to hug. He got a hug from one of the teachers at school and then started going from kid to kid giving hugs. When everyone realized there were free hugs being handed out, they rushed over. Ian tripped, though, trying to hug one of the twins and completely took her out, tackling her to the ground. All's fair in love and hugs. Recently Ian has also shown a distinct love of cheese. It's hard to tell because he's learned how to say "please" too, so you're not sure if he just asked for something nicely or demanded a cheese stick.

Dinner tonight was some burger dipped in ketchup, a cheese stick (also dipped in ketchup) and a ton of guacamole. That boy could eat his weight in guacamole. Oh and two bites of a cookie. He loves cookies (or any round biscuit type thing you call a cookie) so we try to meter those out. He can have all the sweet potato "cookies" he wants, though.