Casting call

Ian has started figuring out that people besides Mama and Daddy have names. Unfortunately we named our dogs Mollie and Dante, which to a toddler sound like Mommy and Daddy so it's a little confusing. He also calls Mollie "Bob" because our neighbor's dog has that name and they're both black. Actually, most dogs are named Bob as far as Ian is concerned.

We've been working on the grandparent names but Grandma sounds a lot like Mama and when we say GrandDaddy he just looks at us like we're messing with him. Grandma sounds more like Meemaw. And Granddaddy is Gdiddy

We skyped with Nana and GrandDad tonight and he tried those names. His version was DadDad and Namanama (which is how he says banana so I'm sure he thought we were crazy calling this lady Banana).

And he knows Ian is his name. So we do a lot of talking in the third person.