Dinner at Choochoo's

When I picked Ian up today, Barb mentioned that he seemed to really be showing all kinds of new skills since Easter. I told her he's also quit sleeping since Easter! But he said Aubrie's name to her yesterday and said "dog" to Barb today. And when we went to dinner at Cagney's where they have a train that runs around the dining room he shouted choochoo! over and over.

It was a good dinner. He sat in the booth (high chairs are apparently for babies) and ate broccoli and cabbage and chicken and meatloaf and cheese and green beans and rice. And he may have had an ice cream cone on the way home. After all that real food he can have a little treat.

The amazing thing is he held onto that cone all the way home in the car and upstairs to his bubble bath. So that's why there's chocolate in the tub.