Newsletter: Month 16

Dear Ian, This week you turned 16 months old and there's no shutting you up! You even talk in your sleep!

You used to grunt and squirm for milk while we were lying in bed, but Saturday morning, you actually looked at me and said "milk?". How can I say no to that? And then when we finished on one side and I thought you'd fall asleep, you signed your hands together and said "more!". Ok, bud, we can do the other side.

I'm mindful of a friend who said she nursed her daughter well into her third year and it was fine other than her screaming out in the grocery store, "but I want the OTHER SIDE!!!" That will be us soon enough.

It's awesome to watch how your vocabulary grows. "More" and "all done" used to only be for food, but now they relate to anything. Daddy took you to the new playground and it was great to be able ask if you wanted to stay on that swing or try something else. More or all done was all we needed. And this weekend, we discovered you can squeeze yourself into the little wagon push toy so we can race you around the house. Daddy would start in the downstairs bathroom and tear through the house til you landed in my arms on the living room sofa, your head thrown back and squealing the whole way. As soon as you stopped you were immediately signing "MORE!". You're wearing us out, kid.

So now that we've taught you all this language it sometimes pains us to see you use it. We went to a toy store and you saw a toy with animals in it. You roared at the lion, then took it off the shelf and signed "help" wanting us to open it for you. Daddy had to remind you that despite your mother's bad influence we can't open packages in the store.

We also had our first episode of brand recognition in that same store. You saw a pull out couch with Sesame Street characters on it and blurted out "ELMO!" We didn't even know you knew who he was but apparently we weren't leaving that store without an Elmo couch. Thankfully it was on sale.

You're fascinated with music, so the whole family has been getting into it. Daddy has played the guitar more this last month that in all the years I've known him. And while I bought a ukulele for you to use as your own "guitar", I've been teaching myself to play after you go to bed. We've got xylophones and drums and radios and everything you can imagine. It's like an Ethel Merman show in our kitchen!

You mimic everything we do and that's awesome. We were doing the Charleston to some goofy song one evening and you kept rocking back and forth trying to do the same thing. I'm actually amazed at all that you can do!

Every month I say this is my favorite month, and again this one has been the tops. It's also been one of the most trying as we work through your mood swings and try to explain some of life's few restrictions (e.g. not playing outside in the rain when it's 35F). But those moments are few and far between compared to the dance parties, giggles and high fives.

I was getting you dressed for bed after your bath last night and you had an empty bottle you were messing with. When I sat you up to put on your shirt, you chucked the bottle and it hit me right in the face. It scared me more than hurt, but I frowned and said "No! We don't throw things. That hurt Mommy." and signed for hurt. Normally you laugh this awkward laugh but this time you got really serious and looked down at your toes in shame. You really did feel bad about it. I asked you if you could kiss my cheek to make it better and you beamed, lunging for my face and smacking your lips.

All is forgiven, little guy.

coy little boy

Love, Mama