Newsletter: Month 15

Dear Ian, Recently you turned 15 months old and ... well, frankly your mother has been behind. I just realized when I went to write this letter that I never posted the one from last month! It's been a blur.

There's a country song that says "if we make it through December" but I contend that January is much harder and honestly January has been hard on your mama with wrist pain and ear aches and the cold. I just assumed that hormones combined to going back to work were to blame last year, but I noticed a distinct lack of photos and videos this year as well. It's just hard to keep up.

But this isn't about me, it's about you and woo boy you've been busy! Your vocabulary is exploding! You can sign hungry/food, water, milk, more, all done (ta da), help, and we're working on hurt. You also can say yogurt (go-guh) and apple sauce (ah saws) and yes (one of my favorites). It's so wonderful to talk to you every day because we can see more of your personality and really know what you want/need.

We installed a DVD player in the minivan for you. Some would say it's bad for your brain, but I say listening to a small child scream in frustration at being strapped in a car seat versus happily chatter with Thomas the Tank Engine is bad for everyone's health. So we strap you in and you request "choo choo" and even know how to turn the player on with your foot. You're a very clever boy.

Since last month, your father and I have taken two business trips and left you home with your Grandma and GrandDaddy. We were nervous the first time since we were going all the way to San Diego, but everyone survived. And this last trip, Daddy and I went to Toronto for a few days and you had your little routine so everything worked fine. It was nice to come home from our long flight Friday night and find you peacefully sleeping on the air mattress in the living room.

We got you your own air mattress for downstairs because your grandmother can't carry all 29 pounds of you up the stairs to go to bed! It works out well, and I admit to using it myself a few times to relax watching TV. You've been sleeping better and finally stopped eating non-stop (for now). You still only have six teeth (four upper and two lower) but they're doing a great job. But I sense another growth spurt coming on.

We wondered if you would find any sort of lovey to take with you places. We've purchased a few stuffed animals and a few small blankets to give you some options. But of course, you chose a gigantic cotton blanket. You couldn't pick one of the 9000 light muslin blankets but picked the one that could be used as an apron for getting x-rays. I'm just grateful you found something to comfort you besides nursing since that's not always convenient. And thankfully we have a spare blanket or two should we need them. You just have to drag this giant thing around with you.

Cousin Helen said once that this was the perfect age because you understand most of what we say but don't talk back much. I don't know that that's quite the case, but I can say this is my favorite month so far just because your so fascinating to hang out with! Then again, every month so far has been my favorite.

You and I went out on a date to a Super Bowl party last night while your Daddy stayed home to pace and yell at the television. You had a blast! You chatted with everyone there, showed them all your Batman books, happily ate white chicken chili and quesadillas and guacamole and cookies and went to sleep in time for me to watch the last quarter with just the adults. Just before you got sleepy, you went around the room to all the ladies offering smooches to them all. There was many a swooning woman that evening as you had them all wrapped around your finger. I know you have me wrapped around yours.

watching the world go by

Love, Mama