Newsletter: Month 14

Dear Ian, Last week you turned 14 months old and you're eating us out of house and home! We thought we would get a few years, maybe until you're a teenager before we'd have to set aside a food fund for you but in the last few days you've started eating every waking minute.

Your language is expanding so you have a better chance of telling us you're hungry. Unfortunately everything is "nuh-nuh" (your sign for milk). I can convince you that you'd rather have food or water at times, but the default is always "nuh-nuh". Nuh-nuh also comes into play when you don't want to go to sleep and think that some nursing will delay bedtime a few more minutes. So apparently 14 months is the milestone for negotiating and rules lawyering.

Both your grandfathers have been marveling at your dexterity. They are planning your future as a musician or surgeon. Daddy says they don't see you when you're running around with a box on your head slamming into walls, though.

Christmas was a good haul for you. We were grateful that at least your Nana and GrandDad could only fit but so much in their car to bring it to you. But you've made the rounds and used every toy. One of your favorites is a classic - one of those "poppers" that has the brightly colored balls inside a dome that you push around. We are getting used to the constant popping.

We also got to spend some extra time with your Nana and Granddad as they got snowed in here in a record snow storm! It was over a foot of snow! You were very happy to sit in the lawn chair and watch the dogs frolic in the snow, but weren't so into navigating it yourself. Since it came up past your waist, I can't really blame you.

This Christmas makes us look forward to many more to come. It was nice to have everyone dear to us under one roof for a bit. You have the charm to convince everyone to some to you! But just remember that no matter where you are, you can always come home for Christmas.

Ian watching the dogs play in the snow

Love, Mama