Newsletter: month 13

Dear Ian, Today you turn 13 months old and we're starting to have a bit of a dialogue versus Daddy and I doing all the narrating.

I was on the phone with Grandma last night and carrying you around on my hip (this would be why my wrist hurts these days - you're heavy!). You started pinching your hands like you were working little castanets or making the sign for "lobster". I asked you what this lobster business meant and you just kept doing it, more adamantly. So I asked if you wanted to nurse and made the sign for milk and you lunged for my chest, lobstering with all your might. Aha! Lobster = milk!

Later that evening we sat down for dinner and you were powering through some spinach. I casually asked if you wanted more and you made the perfect sign for "more" (tapping fingertips of closed hands together) and blurted out "mo!" Well, alright then. We had a TON of spinach because you kept signing for more and shoveling it in your mouth as fast as you could.

As your father said, he'll start bringing home job applications since you've advanced this far and can contribute to the household. I haven't seen any come home yet, though.

You're doing great in the Toddler Room and I'm happy to report there are all kinds of things you can do that we never taught you. After we feed you yogurt, you take the spoon and try to feed yourself. And when I walked toward you with your jacket the other day, you held out your arm and deftly slid it in the sleeve unprompted! We're more than happy to share these new experiences with the day care or anyone else who wants to help. Maybe they'll magically potty train you for us too one day.

We set up the crib next to our bed, but I admit you still spend over half the night in my armpit. I'm still happy to have you there even if you have gotten a little loud lately, squawking in your sleep.

You have so much personality! You grabbed a tissue out of my hand the other day and "phbbbt"ed into it as if you were blowing your nose. This from the boy who acts like we're skinning you alive if we try to wipe your nose ourselves.

It's amazing to see what your up to each day. There's always something new and we can't wait to see what you come up with next!

Practicing monster faces

Love, Mama