Drinking problem

I picked Ian up from day care today at 5:59pm because I'm that parent. But rather than chide me for deserting my child, Ms. Barb just asked me, "does Ian drink from a sippy cup much at home?" I knew where this was going. Everyone at day care is very worried about Ian getting enough fluids. And Ian is not a sippy cup fan. We've tried tons of designs but he just plays with them all.

He will drink from a straw you hold for him. He will drink from a regular cup if you help him. But sippy cups just aren't his style.

Ms. Barb said that someone asked her why Ian was still sitting at the table if he'd finished his yogurt. She blurted out, "because I want that child to drink SOMETHING today." No luck.

So we'll have to find him a sippy cup tutor.