Strength in numbers

We went to pick up Ian today after work. If we go together, my job is to hang with him while Rich gets all his stuff from the room. If Ian sees me and then sees me walk away, he flips out, so this system works best. Surprisingly, when I showed up he was pretty chill about it all. But one of the twins (Makenzie? yeah, the one with one top knot vs pigtails) toddled over to me and wanted me to pick her up. I stooped down to her and was suddenly swarmed with toddlers. It was like a zombie movie, all drool and unintelligible noises and slow moving bodies. Isabella decided to set up camp in my lap. Ian thought this was okay at first but then came over and tried to hug us both. Then he hugged a little more and was pushing at Isabella. His happy grin was turning into a grimace. So I propped him up on the other leg while the twins circled around me. When Rich came back with Ian's bag I was covered in toddlers.

Now I see why the ratio in day care is four to one. Any more than that and I'd be like Gulliver's Travels.