The daily struggle

Rich got food poisoning last night. So since 4am, he's been out of commission. That means I was solo parenting this evening while Rich curled up on the sofa in several blankets looking pitiful. Ian is struggling these days. He wants to do everything and gets so discouraged. Some things amaze me that they don't bother him (falling down several times in a row) and other things surprise me that they made him so furious (handing him a piece of chicken).

He wants me to hold him all the time and it's killing my wrists. I sat in the floor and held him there but that wasn't good enough and he fought against my arms. So we just used the sling while I cooked dinner and made the best of it.

He rallied for dinner, ate an entire pear and a ton of veggie puffs. He only got cranky when I wouldn't let him dunk his hands in his glass of water versus drinking it. Ok, fine, I let him dunk his hands some. But bed time went well. We snuggled in the chair and listened to lullabies and he fell asleep in my arms (though he's spilling out of them and it's hard to get comfy). Hopefully he'll sleep well tonight and no one will have to get up at 4am to find a bucket.