Fogging a mirror

Rich asked me to go upstairs and realign the camera since he couldn't tell where Ian was in the bed/crib. Now that we have the sidecar crib, he should have been happily snoozing in his crib that butts up to our bed. When I got upstairs he was face down in the crack between the crib and the bed.

This seems to be the absolute best place to sleep, since he does this all the time. And it's shaving years off of Rich's life. At least once a night, Rich will make me up to check on Ian and if he's still breathing. Our toddler. I'm convinced he will be checking his breathing when he's 10.

So I moved Ian back into the crib section, readjusted the camera and asked him as a personal favor to his father if he could not suffocate himself. He murmured something and burritoed himself up in his blanket.