going out PJs

On the Friday before Halloween, day care asked us to send our kid to school in pajamas so that they could be "dressed up" for the holiday. We don't actually own any pajamas for our kid, though. Ian just sleeps in a diaper (and usually whatever shirt he had on that evening unless it's filthy). And I didn't figure that would be a good outfit for school.

So in my sewing projects tonight I worked on a pair of PJ pants for Ian. This way he'll have something to wear to "pajama day" at day care. I doubt he'll ever sleep in them.

According to my mother I had very few PJs as a kid too but Mom found some on sale that were too cute to pass up. I would have a bath and get all dressed in them and then ride down to the ocean front with Daddy on the front of his bike to visit my Grandma. So they were going out PJs. I think that's what I just made for Ian too.