No fear

I think those top teeth are just starting to break through his gums and it's given us all some relief. We went to dinner after work and he was a joy. He ate everything in sight and then the clown lady came around. He was in my arms, idling gnawing on a piece of quesadilla and staring at her shape the balloons into various items. I think he was starting to make the couple next to us nervous.

The clown lady came over and asked if he wanted a balloon. She made him a sword and he proceeded to beat Rich in the head with it. His hair was a mess of static electricity! All of a sudden there was a loud pop as one of those razor sharp bottom teeth dug into the sword. Only part of the handle deflated, but Rich and I were spooked. Ian, however, was just frowning at the sword and not scared in the least.

The clown came back over and fixed his sword for him and we took it home. But we're all glad he's doing so much better. Nothing's gonna get him down now.

First balloon animal