Monkey see, monkey do

Anything Ian has a question about, he points to and asks "Gah?" Gah means lots of things. But he kept pointing behind my head in Panera this evening and I finally figured out he saw a painting of a dog way up on the wall. He looked at me and said "meow?" "No, that's a dog. Dogs say 'woof'".

He proceeded to woof quietly and contemplatively all through dinner and the way home.

He's also started pretending to do things. The first thing he did was pretend to put something in his mouth and eat it, which kind of alarmed me because I was immediately looking for what safety pin or prescription medication he had found on the floor to eat. But no, he was just pretending to snack on things, putting his fingers to his lips and making smacking noises.

When it was bath time, I did my typical thing of getting in with him and fishing out all of my long hairs to rest on the edge of the tub so they won't go down the drain. I pinch them in the water and then drape them on the side of the tub. After a bit, Ian started pinching the water and touching the tub ledge. Pinch and drape, pinch and drape. He had no idea what I was doing, but he was gonna give it a try too.

This is one of the best parts is just watching his brain work right before our eyes!