More adventures in co-sleeping

We tried out a new sleeping arrangement last night. Rich dragged the futon into the bedroom and slept on that, thinking that if he didn't touch Ian he wouldn't wake up.

Rich kicked out of bed

I don't know that it made much difference and it just made me miss my husband. Ian is still in our bed, though, because with the four top teeth coming in at once that we discovered this morning he is fussy at night and nursing helps him sleep.

And I'm not getting out of bed four times a night to take him out of a crib and nurse him. No way.

But I don't want my husband sleeping on the floor either. So we came up with a new plan. It was a pain in the ass and I'm somewhat surprised Rich agreed to it, but we dragged the "spare crib" upstairs and stuck it next to the bed like a side car. The theory is that Ian can spread out over there but I can still easily nurse him.

We managed to get the crib out of the office by taking the door off. And we managed to get it up the stairs in one piece until we got to the top and it wouldn't round the corner. So we had our teething toddler roaming all over the upstairs desperately trying to help and the damn cat Tobias also trying to help. At one point, the crib was jammed in the top of the stairwell, Ian was reaching through the bars to get out and Tobias was reaching through the bars to get in.

So we disassembled the crib on the fly, dragged it over to the bed, changed the height, reassembled it and prepped it for bed. Wish us luck tonight!

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