Newsletter: Month Three

Dear Ian, Today you turn three months old and it's been a hectic month. We sailed through Christmas and New Years and you were a big hit for those festivities. On New Years Eve, your daddy and I went to see Avatar in all its 3D magnificence while you stayed home with Grandma and Grandaddy. I was hesitant to leave you because you'd been fussy all day. I fidgeted in the theatre line and considered calling several times but was afraid I'd start crying if I heard you crying. I'm glad your father was driving home because after being away from you for four hours, I was ready to break a lot of traffic laws to get home as soon as possible. We walked in the door and you were limp in your Grandaddy's arms, droopy-eyed with fatigue. It was a rough evening for us both, but we soon were snoozing in the recliner.

We took our first overnight trip with you that next weekend as we trekked to northern Virginia to see all your aunts and uncles. There was a waiting list to hold you and you behaved like a perfect little angel all weekend. I was very proud of you.

It's been a big month of firsts. First movie night for your parents, first sleepover at the Smiths, first day at day care, first cold (thanks to day care), first plane trip, first hotel room and first conference. It's a lot to keep track of!

Day care is working out well for you. All the ladies there are sweet to you and you seem happy. Your poor mother is a wreck, but that's another story. We at least get to visit at lunch every day and you're only across the street from work. You did pick up a bit of a cough that first week, but took the whole thing in stride. I worried about traveling with you if you were sick, but you didn't let it get you down. Let's hope you inherited your grandmother's talent for cheeriness in the face of adversity.

This last weekend, your father and I had to go to a conference in Boston. I couldn't bear the idea of being away from you for four days, so Grandma got to go on her first plane ride in decades and helped us tend to you over the weekend. It all went amazingly well and you were an expert flyer both there and back. Our colleagues had asked me to bring pictures, so it was a real treat to bring an actual baby in the flesh instead.

This last month going back to work has been hard on your mama. You may notice a distinct lack of updates on this web site as it's been hard to rally for much writing. It's been hard to rally in general. Your grandaddy called last night and claimed that "Mom says I should come see Ian because he's a lot more interactive." I suspect that Grandaddy was being a bit mopey about the house and Grandma hoped that a visit with his grandson might cheer him up. I told him we were out but I'd come by once we got home. He acted like it wasn't a big deal, but when he saw you come through the door and grin for him, his whole demeanor changed. He spent a good 30 minutes just squeezing you and laughing, saying over and over "he's just so awesome."

So while things are tough for me and your Grandaddy right now, there are still bright spots. It's as if you know when we're feeling down and you really lay on the charm for us. It's amazing to me how much power you have over other people for someone who has trouble holding his own head up. Thank you for cheering me up, little buddy.

sloppy smiles

Love, Mama