Newsletter: Month Two

Dear Ian, Today you turn two months old and you seem like a totally different baby than just a few weeks ago. In addition to the developmental milestones you've accomplished, we're starting to see the beginnings of your personality take shape.

You are a night owl! Last night you went to bed around 1am and slept until 8:30, only nursing once in that time and not even waking up for it. You're still in the bed with us and I couldn't be happier about it. The cribs (one upstairs and one downstairs) tend to hold more laundry these days than infants. Your father is still worried that we may crush you in your sleep, but I have confidence in your resilience. That and I never ever move at night so you just sleep on my side with me.

At about the five week mark we started putting you in cloth diapers. It's going really well so far and you seem happy with them. The only downside is the size small diapers that are supposed to last until you're six months old are already too small for you. So we've stocked up on medium diapers and haven't looked back.

Speaking of your size, you are a giant! As of last Thursday when we stopped by the pediatrician to get your belly button looked at, you were 13 lb 9 oz. We had several of the parents from our birth class over this past weekend and all their babies are pint-sized compared to you. I'm sure that I'm biased, but you are also the sweetest, cutest and most easy-going baby ever. You really are spoiling us.

I started going back to work "part time" as of two weeks ago and you've been coming with me to the office. You have been a model employee and I only shut my office door to nurse or if I think you're giggling too loudly and might disturb others. The last few weeks have been hard on your mother, trying to juggle work responsibilities when all I want to do is just curl up with you in bed. If someone would pay me to smooch you all day, we'd be millionaires, but alas work continues on. You start day care on January 4th and I'm going to miss you terribly during the day. I only went out for a quick shopping trip this afternoon while you stayed home with Daddy and I kept feeling like I was missing something everywhere I went. Thankfully your day care is across the street so I can hopefully come visit you a bit to help keep my heart from breaking.

It's almost Christmas and I admit we haven't bought you a single gift yet. Santa will surely bring you a few things since you've been so incredibly good and I'm sure your Nana has a few treats in mind for you. At the moment your greatest joy is following the ceiling fan, so we'll have to see if one of those will fit in Santa's sleigh. Dorcas and her husband David came over today and brought you a hand sewn quilt as well as a beautiful pottery bowl. It's overwhelming to us all of the people who love you so much and they've barely had a chance to know you. You will never lack for family and friends in your life if you continue to be as charming as you are.

I have erred on the side of assuming that others are not as enamored with you as I am, mostly because I am positively over the moon for you. I don't hand you off to others to hold much and I admit a little of that is because I enjoy keeping all those snuggles for myself. As you get bigger, though, I should learn to share you with the rest of the world. You are too fantastic of a person to keep under wraps.

Santa's helper

Love, Mama