Confident starfish

Long ago, I read some ridiculous article about how you could tell "your man's" personality by how he sleeps. If he slept on his side in a fetal position that meant he was insecure. If he slept on his stomach he was hiding something. And if he slept on his back he was confident. I can't remember which position meant what really other than sleeping on ones back was a sign of confidence. Rich said that my sleeping position is confident starfish because I sleep on my back with arms and legs akimbo, taking up as much of the bed as possible. He risks an elbow to the temple each night.

It appears we have our own little starfish on our hands. When not swaddled and left to choose his own sleep position, he tends to mirror my own poses and regularly pokes me in the side with his elbow or fist. We're raising a very cute and confident little boy.

confident starfish