Someone call a plumber, we have a clog

For the last several weeks, Ian has really gross eye boogers. Sometimes they're not so bad and sometimes, like this morning, they're so epic he looks like an extra for a B-rated zombie movie where there are strands of eye slime between his long beautiful upper and lower lashes. I've tried cleaning them with breast milk and rubbing the drainage spaces near his nose but it keeps coming back. It looked gross enough today I decided to call the pediatrician to see if something could be done. Amazingly, they had evening hours so at 6pm Rich and I walked into a deserted office for our appointment. Hooray no cooties from other kids! The doctor confirmed he doesn't have infected eye ducts or an ear infection. He just has dacryostenosis - which is a fancy word for gunk in the duct between his eyes and nose. Our job is to keep wiping them and using warm compresses on them and eventually they'll clear up. It's what I figured, but now when concerned people say "that looks bad, they might be infected" I can tell them we went to the doctor and he's fine.

We also found out his belly button needed some silver nitrate to help clean out the fetal tissue and get it to recede more. So that was a convenient thing to get done at the same time.

But most importantly, he got weighed again. He is 12lb 11oz! So clearly his gross eyes have not inhibited his appetite.