Facebook Archive - December 2017

Dec 3 - I showed Ian Google Docs and gave him access to the printer tonight. He may need to ask Santa for a toner cartridge.

Dec 9 - Not only are we on planes heading to a cruise ship, but it is SNOWING in Baltimore. Ian is over the moon.

Dec 21 - Me: “Your hair feels sticky. You should shower today. I bet it’s from sweating at basketball yesterday.”
Ian: “Or it could be pancake syrup from the cruise.”

Dec 21 - Ian asked me what "Hallelujah" means. 
My best translation was
"Rock On, God!"

Dec 24 - Ian and I watched Star Wars: the Last Jedi yesterday. It jacked my anxiety/panic response for some reason. 
Ian kept asking if I was ok and if we needed to leave. He is such a sweet empathic soul. 
(He did fine with the movie except it was loud for him at times.)

Dec 24 - Introducing Ian to
“Die Hard” tonight.

Facebook Archive - November 2017

Nov 7 - There are many things where Suburban is the answer. There’s no school today because of elections and Ian was getting lonely. I’m writing up reports from the “way back” while he runs around Northside Park with other random kids.

Nov 8 - Confession: I don’t restrict my 8 year old’s access to the Internet on any of his devices.

Nov 16  - Ian did extra chores and pulled money out of his savings to fund his purchases at the book fair this week. He bought three relatively high dollar books that I would never care to read but it’s words on paper and he’s stoked about them so yay. 

I asked him if he spent all his money ($40). He said he had a few dollars left over but gave it all to another kid who only had $2 and couldn’t afford any books. 

I love my kid.

Nov 29 - “Sure, Mommy. I just gotta poop first.”